Acar buah utara

Our appetite for sahur is running low, now that Ramadhan has passed its 15 days mark. There are days that we just woke up, and stared at each other not knowing what to eat… padahal makanan bertimbun dlm fridge. And then I remembered, my parents will always have some acar buah in the kitchen during this time of Ramadhan, and we will just resort to the acar to accompany our sahur meal. DH bought some from a friend selling in Bazaar Ramadhan in Cheetham Hill last week, and ye lah, mana la mampu nk beli sampai seperiuk kan… org tu meniaga.. nk banyak, pandai2 le buat sendiri…so, I tried my hand at making Acar Buah Utara… hehe..


Boleh la kan… rupa ada, taste quite good too but I think I went overboard with the chillies hehe.. need to cut back on the chillies next time. Kalau kat Malaysia guna buah jeruk beli kat Pekan Rabu, kat sini..we bought dried fruits (pears, plums, apples, raisins, apricots, prunes & pineapples) sold in Morrisons jer… My dad will say that it is the orang kaya’s version of acar buah.. hahaha..

So far our Ramadhan experiment has included murtabak (thanks Hanim!), kastad jagung (amik resepi online, tak jadi pun.. hihi), deep fried wontons (yummeh.. dah buat 2-3 kali with success!) and most recently the acar buah (also resepi online). Hmm.. we’re having some friends over for iftar this weekend.. maybe will experiment on ayam percik next. DH been wanting to get reacquainted with his BBQ set for awhile now, hopefully the weather cooperates with him this weekend :)

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6 Responses to Acar buah utara

  1. aanz says:

    sodap nyoo acar buah nihh..selera betoii makan berbuka..best2

  2. anissazira says:

    wah wah wahh……pandainya depa laki bini buat acar buah…hehehe.,…..tahniah Faiz & An.
    Selamat meneruskan Ramadhan…..

  3. HCL says:

    wah.. kecur air liur tengok acar buah manchester nih!

  4. cHaMeL30n says:

    terima kasih, terima kasihhh!! :D lepas ni balik mesia boleh buat kenduri acar buah yer? hehe

  5. Hanim says:

    boleh buat jual ni Faiz…jadi tak murtabak u all? :)

  6. cHaMeL30n says:

    jadi, Alhamdulillah.. kitorg buat byk2 pastu freeze in batches.. hehe.. stok sebulan… terima kasih sbb sudi share resepi :)

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