Naza & family

Last weekend, my friend Naza & family came from London for a short visit. Naza & I met during the BTN course we had before coming to the UK and is one of my BTN mommies-buddy. We have been to their place in London last June, and we were glad they came to our humble little place :)

It was a very short visit, we didn’t even have a chance to take them around (other than giving directions to our local Morissons.. hehe). I hope they had a good time, as much as Daniel has enjoyed the company of Adib & Adam (btw Adam is the same age as Daniel).. and we bid them farewell after breakfast the next morning as they head to Cardiff.


Adib, Adam & Daniel. The trampoline proved to be a hit among the kids :)


Little Adam


packing up and ready to go

Thanks so much for coming, Naza & Ihsan and Din & Yasmin. We had a lovely time hosting you guys. Do come again soon.. so many things to do the next time :)


us with Naza & family :)

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  1. naza says:

    owh Faiz, i missed this entry..dh few days tak bukak blog..hehe..btw thanks so much..we really had fun eventho it’s just a short visit..mkn kuaw tiaw,pisang goreng and karipap..owh so lovely..nnt we’ll visit again..mmg tak puas catchin bro n min said thanks too!!;)

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